ELO Listings

Still looking for an ELO? Here’s a handy list of ELOs that are still seeking applicants for IAP 2021. And don’t hesitate to email the program sponsors if you have a question.

And watch this space: Spring will be here before you know it, and Spring ELO listings will be available soon. 🌱

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Novel AI, NL, and Cloud-based techniques to address instances of missing and conflicting data, leverage Patient-Reported Outcomes, and also for Automated Reading and Processing of Documents as well as for Precision Indoor Agriculture.

Visit the following links to learn more and apply:

  1. AI-Based Approaches for Document Processing, Forecasting, Supply Chain, and Precision Indoor Agriculture
  2. COVID-19 and Enhancing Telehealth and Digital Healthcare

The MIT IDSS is seeking an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) for IAP 2021 to serve as a content beta-tester for the new online version of the residential course 6.419/IDS021 Statistics, Computations and Applications.

More info on Handshake. If you are interested, please contact susanak@mit.edu.

Relevant track: Teaching + Learning

Contact Dr. Justin Buck (jbuck@mit.edu) to learn what can be done in, or remotely in conjunction with, the Building 26 Huang-Hobbs BioMaker Space.

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Relevant tracks: Undergraduate Research (UROP), First-Year Students

The goal is to study the techno-economic feasibility of utilizing 6 megawatts of carbon-free, low-grade heat generated by the MIT Nuclear Reactor, located on the MIT campus in Cambridge. Possible uses include local heating, electric production, and horticulture.

Interested students should contact Prof. Jacopo Buongiorno at jacopo@mit.edu. 

Relevant tracks: Undergraduate Research (UROP), Teaching + Learning, First-Year Students

Work with the Scheller Teacher Education Program (STEP) to create educational materials for students at home during the pandemic using StarLogo Nova, a blocks-based programming environment for creating 3D games and simulations.

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Relevant tracks: Public Service + Social Impact, Teaching + Learning, First-Year Students

CAPD sourced 20 micro-internship opportunities across various industries targeted to first and second-year undergraduates.

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Relevant tracks: Public Service + Social Impact, Innovation + Entrepreneurship, First-Year Students

This ELO will use trip data from public transit agencies and publicly available information on sociodemographics of urban neighborhoods to shed light on how different groups of transit riders have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Relevant track: Undergraduate Research (UROP)

The Program in Media Arts and Sciences is the academic arm of the MIT Media Lab, a diverse collection of multitalented individuals and diverse research groups.

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Relevant track: Undergraduate Research (UROP)


Bummed that you can’t go abroad? Get a dose of cultural immersion with a remote internship over IAP through MISTI. Your internship can lead to an in-person experience abroad in the future!

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Relevant track: Global Opportunities

The potential for the spread of false information through rumors is perhaps greater than at any time in history. This UROP will conduct literature reviews, help design experiments, or complete other tasks relating to the spread of misinformation.

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Relevant track: Undergraduate Research (UROP)

MIT Open Learning is looking for students interested in communications, social media, and storytelling to showcase the accomplishments of our learner community and to change the narrative of the refugee experience.

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Relevant track: Teaching + Learning

Work on your own start-up while getting guidance and resources from MIT Sandbox. Or work with an existing Sandbox start-up to be part of an early-stage start-up.

Learn more about Sandbox and potential IAP opportunities.

Relevant track: Innovation + Entrepreneurship

MIT Solve is a marketplace connecting innovators with resources to solve Global Challenges. MIT students can now intern with these start-ups and NGOs!

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Relevant tracks: Public Service + Social Impact, Innovation + Entrepreneurship, Global Opportunities, First-Year Students

This ELO will highlight the close relationship between anchor institutions and their communities, incorporating aspects of higher education operations, urban planning, economic development, and social justice.

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Relevant tracks: Public Service + Social Impact, Innovation + Entrepreneurship