Welcome Class of 2025! ✨

First-Year Students

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Explore ELO programs designed specifically for you. Through these cohort-based experiences, you can explore issues that you care about in the world; make connections with new friends; get to know faculty members, departments, and majors; and participate in training, mentoring, and professional development activities. Many ELO programs are targeted exclusively to first-year students, and first-year students are eligible to apply for dozens more.

Find Your ELO

First-Year students are eligible for lots of ELOs. Search for those in ELx and filter based on your interests, skills, and schedule. While some first-year-friendly ELOs can be found using the “First-Year Students” filter in ELx, there are many additional ELOs open to and suitable for first-years on the platform. Just check whether the posting specifies student class years or prerequisites. If nothing is listed, everyone should feel free to apply!

Need help finding positions, crafting a resume, or writing an application? MIT Career Advising & Professional Development (CAPD) has great resources on their website, or you can schedule an appointment with a career advisor (they love meeting with first-year students!).

Have a particular program or position in mind? You can also reach out to the program staff with any questions about the position or application before you apply.

Related Courses

First-Year Discovery subjects (Fall and Spring)

Browse a list of subjects created specifically to help first-year students discover majors, minors, concentrations, and topics of interest. All first-year students are encouraged to take one or more of these subjects even if they feel that they already know their intended major.

Momentum (IAP)

A class designed to prepare students for a future in the fields of science and engineering. Students are placed in teams and are challenged to use an engineering approach to solve a problem faced by the world today. Throughout the course students receive assistance with resume building, oral presentations, interviewing, and participate in a networking event with industry representatives.

MISTI: Language and Culture Courses (All terms, requirements vary by country/program)

Check out course requirements to be eligible for a MISTI internship. Most programs require four semesters of the appropriate language courses (or equivalent proficiency) and/or one course in the history, politics, or culture of the host country.

D-Lab Course Offerings (All terms)

Become an effective agent of global change in one of D-Lab’s courses. Students gain competency in the participatory design process, understand and apply principles of engineering and design, engage in hands-on shop work, learn to think critically about theories of development, and obtain meaningful experiences in the field – all preparing you to continue socially and environmentally conscious work that addresses issues of global poverty.

21W.03x Science Writing Subjects (Fall and Spring)

First-year writing subjects provide a foundation for future communication-intensive subjects, and also function as a starting point for concentrating, minoring, or majoring in Writing. While the topical focus of writing assignments varies across these subjects, all first-year writing subjects develop students’ understanding of genre, audience, argument, discourse, source use, and writing process.