Upcoming ELO Deadlines

Check here for a combined list of upcoming deadlines for many popular ELO programs. We are currently posting deadlines for UROP, PKG, MISTI, NEET, Sandbox, and MCSC.  Please visit each program’s website for info sessions, deadline extensions, and other details. If you have any questions or would like to see other programs listed, please email katew@mit.edu. Programs can share upcoming deadlines via this form.

PKG | IAP 2024 ❄️ | IAP Health Program Application Deadline

Gain real-world experience in the health sector while working full-time with organizations like Boston Medical Center’s Autism Program or the Boston VA Medical Center. Find all the details here.

PKG | IAP 2024 ❄️ | Fellowship Deadline

As a PKG Fellow, you can develop and implement a social impact project that you design in collaboration with a community partner. Projects can be undertaken locally, nationally, and internationally. Find all the details here.

PKG | IAP 2024 ❄️ | Indigenous Communities Internships (ICI) Deadline

Through ICI, a one-month in-person and virtual program, you will work closely with Indigenous innovators in the US to support the growth and efficacy of their social enterprises. Find all the details here.

UROP | Fall 2023 🍁 | DLC/Supervisor (Sponsored Research) Funding and Credit Application Deadlines

Learn more on the UROP website.

PKG | IAP 2024 ❄️ | Social Impact Internships Application Deadline

Intern for nonprofits, government agencies, and social enterprises to bolster the technical capabilities of these organizations while addressing social impact issues. Find all the details here.

Fusion Undergrad Scholars (FUSars) | Spring 2024 🌸 + Fall 2024 🍁 | Application Deadline

Spend a year doing research at the Plasma Science and Fusion Center, write a short paper for publication, and join a community. First and second years are especially encouraged to apply. Find all the details here.

PKG | Spring 2024 🌸 | IDEAS Social Innovation Challenge Deadline

Create a team & collaborate with a community partner to address social and environmental challenges around the world. Hone your idea with workshops and coaching from experts. Secure up to 20K! More details.