Upcoming ELO Deadlines

Check here for a combined list of upcoming deadlines for many popular ELO programs. We are currently posting deadlines for UROP, PKG, MISTI, NEET, Sandbox, and MCSC.  Please visit each program’s website for info sessions, deadline extensions, and other details. If you have any questions or would like to see other programs listed, please email katew@mit.edu. Programs can share upcoming deadlines via this form.

UROP | Spring 2024 🌸 | DLC/Supervisor-Funding (Sponsored Research)/Credit/Volunteer Application Deadline

Submit your online UROP applications here.

Contact UROP staff ASAP with any questions/concerns about the deadline: urop@mit.edu, 617-253-7306.

CAPD | Summer 2024 ☀️ | Career Exploration Fellowship Deadline

Funding, ranging from $1000 to $5000, is available to offset the cost of domestic underfunded experiences within the following industry areas: non-profits, creative or design fields, journalism, sustainability, environmental services, or other research opportunities not affiliated with MIT.

Funds are intended to help offset expenses incurred by undergraduate students (first years, sophomores, juniors and seniors returning to MIT for a graduate degree) completing an  experience (ex: living or transportation expenses) during Summer 2024.

Learn more and apply. Questions? Contact: Tavi Sookhoo, Assistant Director of Career Prototypes, tsookhoo@mit.edu